Dryers are designed for drying of pasta (long and short), vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, fruit jellies, marshmallows, products of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Dryer case
• The dryer is built with insulated panels jointed together to eliminate all internal and external hot spots. The panels are insulated with polyurethane foam and PVC coated thickness of 80-120 mm.

The dryers are provided with :
• Trolleys with trays ( size of trays 500x1200 mm).
• The complete cycle is controlled by humidity and temperature sensors.
• Heat is generated by heaters or hot water batteries.
• Bi-directional ventilation system.
• Humidity exhausters and air entrance valves.
• The automatic drying process is controlled by a PLC which allows to choose, by means of a touch screen display, the most suitable recipe for the pasta shape to dry.
This process permits to obtain the best final result guaranteed by a control at the end of the cycle by means of a test on residualmoisture and stop at end cycle.


Trabatto ( pre-dryers )
Trabatto is essential for pre-dry fresh, pasteurised and filled past, snacs and other products.
The products are separated, maintain their original shape and are dried thanks to movement, ventilation and heating. Then the product placed in a dryer for final drying.
It is composed as follows:
- the vibrating trays from heat-resistant wood and polymer nett
- stainless steel frame with removable panels, for easier inspection
- independent drive system composed of a two eccentric-cam shaft; adjustable speed
- forced air ventilation system composed of driven blowers
- heating system composed of high-temperature electrical heaters
- electrical cabinet for function control, equipped with a display and humidity control features, in compliance with the international standards in force
Three-phase V220-380 Hz 50 power supply. Special voltage ratings available upon request.

Continuous dryers
Conveyor (continuous) dryer is intended for drying of various products in the automatic mode.
Can be installed in any automatic production line.
Continuous drying is the modular construction of the insulated panels with polyurethane foam a thickness of 50-100 mm and tiers of heat-resistant polymer net. The dryer has 3 independent climate zones: pre-drying, drying and stabilization.
Continuous dryer is equipped with: - Motor-reductor for independent adjustment of speed tiers, exhausts for automatic removal of humid air
- Ventilation system
- Exhaust to automatically remove moist air
- Heating elements or heat exchangers batteries
- Electric control panel complete with measuring and controlling temperature and humidity, which controls the heating elements, an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture and the blower fan to create uniform heat balance.

Dryers on request.
We produce dryers nonstandard configurations and sizes: built in a separate room, in the mobile container, etc.